Against all odds the 30 year old guided 100/1 outsider Prince Of Penzance to victory in Tuesday's $6.2 million race, shining the spotlight not only on herself, brother Stevie and the horse's connections, but also on the constant battle female jockeys have to get acceptance in a male dominated sport."I can't cheap louboutins say how grateful I am (to the people who helped me), and I want to say to everyone else, get stuffed, because women can do anything and we can beat the world," Payne said after the race."To think that Darren Weir has given me a go and it's such a chauvinistic sport, I know some of the owners were keen to kick me moncler outlet off, and (part owner) John Richards and Darren (Weir) stuck strongly with me."As the first female to ride a Cup winner, Payne has broken new ground in racing, and her story and post race speech struck a chord with all of the ever growing band of women involved in the sport.One such rider is Forbes based Catherine cheap mulberry bags Newcombe, who has overcome multiple hurdles both on and off the track to carve a path in the industry she loves."I thought what happened on Tuesday was fantastic," Newcombe said."It was a bit of a fairytale in a way, and even though a 100/1 pop won the Cup I think the nation really got behind the whole story."I cheap michael kors purses think a lot of us female riders woke up today (Wednesday) with a bit of a spring in our steps, because Michelle showed in the race and afterwards what we are capable of."I don't know why but us girl riders can develop pretty strong bonds with horses. I think because for a lot of us it starts with us wanting ponies michael kors purse outlet when we're little and looking after them through to looking after and riding the racehorses"Michelle is so modest and she won the race and then gave the owners who doubted her a bit of 'what for'. And the good thing is everyone backed her up after she did that."While it wasn't the Melbourne Cup, Newcombe's biggest longchamp soldes success on the track came in somewhat similar circumstances to what the nation witnessed on Tuesday.It was in last year's $40,000 Coonamble Cup that she rode despised outsider Atomic Blaze to victory for Mick Cox, a trainer that had stuck by her throughout her short career."I know that you can't compare a Coonamble cheap nike air max 90 Cup and a Melbourne Cup but that was my biggest win and I did think about that a bit after the race on Tuesday," Newcombe said."I think the city is very different to the country, and it is tougher down there, but even out here you do have to push and push for rides.

Code 16720, 16726, 17200; Conn. Gen. Stat. Margie prada outlet uk and Mark, who have a home in Vancouver, discovered something was wrong that day when they got a call from one of the floral distributors who said Myles' vehicle was still parked in the business's parking lot. And something just triggered in me," Margie said. "This was out of character.yi04.11

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