The deal included the school building, grounds and 60,000 worth of furnishings and fittings.The parish council and local charities including the Lady Ann Windsor Trust will then have a chance to acquire the properties for social housing purposes.Stoke by Nayland Middle School is one of 40 Suffolk schools which closed in cheap michael kors bags July as part of the county wide school organisation review (SOR).In March, the Plymouth Brethren Christian church, also known as the Exclusive Brethren, put in an offer for the school site, which includes nine acres of land.Last night, Suffolk County Council's cabinet member for finance and property, Colin Noble, told the EADT: michael kors purses outlet "The sale of the site to the Focus Learning Trust is now complete and they are already working to reopen the building as a school."We have retained ownership of two cottages on the land, which we plan to make available for social housing."When a school site becomes surplus to the county council's requirements, it's important longchamp sac that we secure the best value for money from any sale or ensure sustainable community use for years to come."We believe that the best solution for this site has been found."The Seckford Foundation, which runs Beccles and Saxmundham Free Schools, put in a bid to open a free school at Stoke by Nayland, but withdrew after louboutin outlet plans were refused by the Government.The Plymouth Brethren church dates back to the early 19th Century and its members run about 100schools worldwide, including 45 in the UK.It is believed that two of the church's other schools one in Ipswich and another in Colchester will be amalgamated on the Stoke by Nayland site, which louboutin shoes outlet will open as a day school next month for up to 200 pupils aged from three to 13 years.Last night, no one from the Plymouth Brethren church was available to comment on the purchase of the school.Local county councillor James Finch said he was delighted that the village was able to retain a school, which would boost the local louboutin soldes economy.It is not clear how this sale will "boost the local economy" as Cllr Finch suggests. I would think any work to update, improve and maintain the school will be done by Exclusive Brethren contractors, not necessarily from the local area. Any auxiliary staff will probably be provided by this branch of the Brethren (sometimes louboutin pas cher homme known as the Hales Exclusive Brethren, or, Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (since last year).

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