The country was reduced to destitution. For a decade, Vietnam ruled Cambodia by proxy, through local rulers loyal to the communist party. In September 1989, impoverished by Western economic embargo and isolated after the breakup of the Soviet Union, its ideological ally and patron, Vietnam withdrew..

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We tell them to enjoy the win now, but come Monday, we're focused on the next game."Already leading moncler outlet online by one, the Soaring Eagles had a prime opportunity to increase the lead in the ninth minute. Courtney Burgazli '16 nearly buried a header off of a corner kick from Amy Sullivan '18, but Enders was there to stop the shot. However, only three minutes passed before Rousselle stole the ball from the Pioneers at midfield to set up Kazerouni for the game winning score..

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But Anthony Fusco Jr., the Passaiac attorney hired to represent Buono, says the veteran Newark cop is innocent.Buono, 60, of Millstone, was arrested Tuesday along with former longtime Newark Police Department officer Dino louboutin pas cher D'Elia, 49, of Nutley. Essex County officials have charged both men with two counts of computer theft and one count of conspiracy.A seven month joint investigation by the Newark Police Department and Essex County Prosecutor's Office found that on dozens of occasions, Buono and D'Elia allegedly used illegal means to access a database of personal information, including names and sac longchamp pas cher addresses shared exclusively with law enforcement agencies.After taking the information, Buono and D'Elia allegedly sold it to third parties, officials said.Buono and D'Elia allegedly obtained the personal data of approximately 900 individuals, selling each set for $100, said Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor Walter Dirkin.In some instances the pair's customers later allegedly re michael kors outlet coupon sold the data for as much as $200, Dirkin said. Others who allegedly made purchases from Buono and D'Elia were aware the data was obtained illegally, he added.An investigation into the alleged data thefts is ongoing, officials said.Newark police director Eugene Venable announced Tuesday that Buono was suspended without pay from active duty shortly after his arrest.yi03.10

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